Your Host Family

Your host family - Maria and Sepp with their childrenMelanie, Josef, Andreas and the youngest of the family, Anna.

Melanie is studying economics in Rotterdam; Josef is studying for a Degree in Agriculture; Andreas is moving on from Agricultural College to a higher technical agricultural college from which he wants to graduate and Anna is currently attending compulsory school in Hopfgarten with a view to continuing with equine studies.


Agricultural & Tourism


Natural farming! - Healthy products! - Enjoying nature! - Relaxing holiday!

Farming and tourism have been a part of our family's business for a long time and have lots of traditions.

The "Wiflberg Farm" has been in the Misslinger Family for five generations and is, of course, farmed by the family itself.

Around 50 years ago, the parents of the current farming family first introduced holiday-makers to the farm in the categories "Bed & Breakfast - Holidays on a Farm ". Maria, Sepp and their children continue this tradition with great delight and enthusiasm! Following the purchase of the neighbouring farming property and the buildings thereon in 2009, the holiday house and apartment rentals were further intensified.                                              

Since then guests from all over look forward to visiting our home, the nature and of course our holiday homes, at any time of the year!

We would love to welcome you also as our guests!

Wiflberghof - Cattle breeding farm

Animal welfare - our passion!
Since 1960, Fleckvieh have been bred with a passion at the well-known Wiflberghof Farm. (Previously, Pinzgauer were bred)
Animal welfare and health are our top priority!
In Summer all the animals are on the meadow or on the grazing pastures on the Bichlalm, in Kitzbühel while in Winter they are kept in suitable and appropriate large stalls! Fermented fodder products are not fed to the animals. They only receive natural feed - fresh grass and hay!
It's easy to spend a few relaxing hours, or even your whole holiday, with animals on the farm!
Great shows and marketing success, as well as being awarded the annual "Management Professional" title, round off our cattle farming nicely and of course delight us.
Guided tours of our farming enterprise are possible on request.
Why don't you visit us - we'd love to show you around!


Heumilch (pasture milk) production

Simply the Best! - Natural! - Rich in Content! - Precious! - Good for Body, Soul and Nature!
All of our milk products are produced from hay milk and pasture milk! "Heumilch" production is the original form of milk production systems.
In Summer the natural species-rich meadows are cut and dried, bit by bit, in nice sunny weather, producing top quality hay!
The cows feed on fresh grass, rich in herbs in Summer, as well as the fantastic Alpine pastures, while in Winter they receive tasty sun-dried hay!
Heumilch and heumilch products are very rich in essential amino acids, having almost twice as much omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) than normal convential dairy products!
Heumilch was the first foodstuff in German-speaking countries which was awarded the EU Seal of Approval "Guaranteed-Traditional-Speciality"!
Our pasture milk and heumilch is repeatedly awarded the quality seal "Milk - Seal of Approval"
More information available on!
You can enjoy heumilch too!

Cheese production


Tasty! - Aromatic! - Healthy!
Cheese is produced on our farm and Alpine dairy from part of our valuable, high-content pasture milk and heumilch!
The tasty Alpine, mountain and heumilch cheeses, which have been produced by hand since prehistoric times, are sold directly "on our farm" and in the country stores (Bauernladen) in Hopfgarten.
The quality of our products is recognised by numerous awards from the international "Käsiade", a competition based on quality amongst cheese dairy and dairy specialists, and, of course, audience tastings!
Try some Alpine and heumilch cheese as well as many of our farmers' specialities!
Also since prehistoric times, we distill our very own supply of various "schnapps" on the Wiflberghof Farm, which every dedicated guest is welcome to try!

Enterprise details


Farming area: 50 ha meadows for hay making, 16 ha pastures, 55 ha mountain pastures (alm), 16.5 ha forest
Livestock: approx. 70  dairy cows, approx. 60 heifers, between 10 and 15 young breeding bulls
Buildings: suitably appropriate livestock-friendly stalls.

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